What Do I Gain From Citizenship—and What Do I Lose?

Catapult Magazine

November 2018

I fished out my green card from the same maroon case and handed it to the white immigration officer at a Customs and Border Protection counter… Read more…

Pushcart Nomination

Jellyfish Review

October 2018

The wonderful Jellyfish Review nominated Not A Bar Story for a 2018 Pushcart Prize! Read more…

Where We Learn to Bang Our Heads Against A Brick Wall

SmokeLong Quarterly

October 2018

A flash essay of mine was a finalist in Midway Journal’s -1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest, judged by the great Lesley Nneka Arimah.

Not A Bar Story

Jellyfish Review

MARCH 2018

What she wanted was to write a story. Not the story. Not a life-changing story. Not a cautionary tale. She wanted to write a good story. A story that people would remember, or maybe forget. Read more…

We Need Diverse Books, But We Also Need Diverse Reviewers

Electric Lit


A sofa, a circle of light, a novel, maybe a beverage near at hand…  Read more…

Where We Learn to Bang Our Heads Against A Brick Wall

SmokeLong Quarterly

MARCH 2016

One Thursday, a goat walked into the classroom. The sixteen of us squeaked. Read more…

Strengthening Memory, Justice, and Human Rights in Brazil and the Southern Hemisphere

The Amnesty Commission of Brazil


Read here.

MFA Year 2, Week 1

Imagining Tunacorn and Skunkinex in ‘Immigrant Fiction’


Immigrant fiction is usually meant to describe fiction about “the immigration experience.”  Read more…

Beyond Solidarity: A Woman of Color in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement



At my first protest march from Union Square… Read more…

Old City

Day One, Amazon.com’s literary journal

JULY, 2015

I walked out of the masjid, scanning the crowds for a glimpse of my father. Read more…

The Power of PEN: The Award to Charlie Hebdo Isn’t About Freedom of Expression


MAY 2015

On April 27, Salman Rushdie tweeted… Read more…

No Whitewash: Interview with John Keene, Author, CounterNarratives

The Offing

MAY 2015

John Keene is the author of the novel Annotations (New Directions) Read more…

Sites of Conscience: Past to Present, Memory to Action – Chapter in Museum of Ideas



Read here.

From Memory to Action
A Toolkit for Memorialization in Post-
Conflict Societies

International Coalition of Sites Conscience


Read here.